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die antwoord – dis iz why i’m hot (macrothyst remix)

not just another remix of this track. macrothyst takes die antwoord’s unique rap flow and translates it to fluent basslines and headnodding rhythm. check this one out and download for free if you like it.

bowsar – prophecy

another bowsar freebie. just roll with it

bowsar, dementia, release – cloud kingdom

bowsar has blessed us once again with a free tune. enjoy the techyness and don’t forget to download for free!

bowsar – hunter remix / indoctrination

merry christmas to us all for bowsar has blessed us with two free / pay-what-you-want tracks. both tracks are collaborations with kryptomedic and total headbangers. check ’em out:

dubvirus – phosphenes ep

just when you thought, dubstep has nothing left to offer you, around comes this guy with a beautiful reimagination of this genre and some really fresh sound design. check it out. my favorite track: the tronic

culture shock – low frequency

you can’t resist as you lose control

don’t forget to download this track for free!

mix of the month: liquicity yearmix 2015

without any doubt, this is the mix i was looking forward to all year. merry christmas to all and have a good flight to the galaxy of dreams; see you there.

don’t forget to grab the download link by following mixmaster maduk on social media.


if you’re not the mellow type be sure to check out subsil3nt’s christmas neurofunk mix where he plays all the best neuro tracks of 2015.

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