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dubvirus – phosphenes ep

just when you thought, dubstep has nothing left to offer you, around comes this guy with a beautiful reimagination of this genre and some really fresh sound design. check it out. my favorite track: the tronic

mixtape: edmund strober’s bass music 101: how to dance

a mix full of tracks that tell you exactly what to do. just let it grab you and come along for the ride.

find the download at edmund strober’s download page.

flux pavilion feat. example – daydreamer live

you know that i’m a huge fan of live dubstep, so naturally this performance of daydreamer on bbc 1extra blew my socks off.

skism – experts

this is the official video to the new skism track. the video is absolutely awesome and definitely worth a look. can you name all the featured artists?

tritonal feat. cristina soto – still with me (seven lions remix)

a very atmospheric and soothing tune. relaxing!

rusko – skanker

oh yeah. this is one classy piece of dubstep.

hadouken! – parasite (skism & zomboy radio edit)

skism and zomboy take an excursion into the realms of drumstep and they are doing pretty damn well.
i like how well you can recognize the artists’ styles over the course of this track.

edit: i just realized, you can download the original track for free. go on and grab it!

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