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upcoming: sabertooth fang

sabertooth fanghey! check out these guys. they are the upcoming electro duo sabertooth fang and they were so kind to give to me this free tune aaand i’m allowed to pass it on to you! so here you go: sabertooth fang – brown town

here is how they describe themselves:

sabertooth fang is a new electro duo, formed by one half of dubstep duo dubba jonny. the bournemouth based morons, jonny gash and badman jim are all about ridiculous noises, absurd loudness, hectic mashups and looking like complete fools. you can expect something very different to dubba jonny, something a bit more in your face, a bit sillier and a bit more fun.

they also put together a 30 minute free mix that you can get on their facebook page!

that’s still not it! they also have two tunes for you to preview on soundcloud, so check this out:

for bookings/remix enquiries etc. please email sabertoothfang@gmail.com

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