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mix of the month: ヤマラ – deep neurofunk dnb mix

this is one of the best mixes i’ve ever heard. alien noises and snares that’ll crack your skull. superb sound selection!

mix of the month: liquicity yearmix 2016

here’s to an amazing year for dnb!

mix of the month: dj plntkngdm – magic plant mix 02

mix of the month: split @ The Drop, Bassport FM

this mix is not from this month, in fact it’s 2 years old. but i saw this guy perform in a club a week ago and he showed me that i haven’t heard everything there is to hear in dubstep. he plays some really deep-end dubstep that will make your chest vibrate from the inside when you hear it from a club soundsystem. the fewest of you guys will be able to replicate that feeling at home but i think the point of this meditative, psychedelic, truly unique style of dubstep will still get across if you listen carefully. enjoy this one, it’s really something else.

mixtape: neurofunk grid – let it roll 2016

this is a promo mix worth listening to. 1.5 hours of the sweetest dnb from 2016.

mix of the month: bowsar – subsil3nt podcast guestmix

obviously, i’m a big fan of the subsil3nt podcast youtube channel and this is where i found this truly awesome guestmix by bowsar, dj and producer from austria. this guy has got a good ear for transitions and this mix is one of the best neurofunk mixes i’ve ever heard. pay attention to bowsar’s own tracks embedded perfectly in the mix. i especially like friction at 15:50 and oracle which is coming in at around 18 minutes.

have fun with this one!

mixtape: edmund strober’s bass music 101: how to dance

a mix full of tracks that tell you exactly what to do. just let it grab you and come along for the ride.

find the download at edmund strober’s download page.

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