Monthly Archives: April 2012

document one – april fool’s 2012 mix

finally, a mix you can listen to that features good music whithout a dj getting on your nerves.

this one features tracks that also appeared on this blog and is, of course, free to download. just click on the download button  and load it!

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arion – crowd surf

so arion published this awesome track just a few hours ago for free. all you have to do is subscribe to his newsletter and you will receive a download link via mail. i did it and it’s totally worth it 🙂

as this is a very current track there is no stream video yet, so i decided to record a little video in one of my favorite games of all time, audiosurf.

please note that some of the hissing and wooshing sounds are audiosurf sound effects. if you want the clean audio, you have to download the track from arion’s page.

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