Monthly Archives: February 2012

enrightbeats – need you

this is some nice wubwub!

trolley snatcha – make my whole world

i feel like i missed out on phat synths and super-deep subbasses lately. so here is the newest trolley snatcha track as compensation:

nero – must be the feeling (kill the noise remix)

so as we know there are quite a few remixes existing to this track but this one kills (haha) them all.

kill the noise said that this took him a year of effort. i say its damn worth the time!

check back by the end of february when the full length track will be released.

savant – mother russia

Приветствую вас!

i always knew the russians had some sick dubstep potential. this is not a russian track, it’s just a tribute.

also be aware that you can download this track for free!

credits for finding go to r/dubstep.

feed me – one click headshot

i know that some old-school dubsteppers will see this track as profanity against original dubstep but somehow i came to like this nasty brostep title.

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