Monthly Archives: November 2011

calvin harris – i’m not alone (doorly remix)

so i was just asked to show a friend a typical dubstep track so he could get into that genre. when people ask me to show them a typical dubstep track, i often play that one track that hooked me up to dubstep.

i was in the backseat of a car with crazy loud speakers and the driver said “hey, i heard you like electronic music. i bet you’ll love this.” he played this song and i learned the hard way what DUB MOTHERF***ING STEP was.


guess what? you can also download the track for free when you click on the download button  in the payer.

skrillex feat. foreign beggars & bare noize – scatta

i’m a little puzzled how this gem could get past me. foreign beggars are spitting some super fast lines here.

check the lyrics here if you want to sing along 🙂

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