Monthly Archives: July 2011

501 – black and blue

this is one nice debut single.

notice that you can download it for free at you have to enter a valid e-mail address to which the download link will be sent. you automatically subscribe to a never say die label newsletter. i can assure you that they only send news and updates about new releases and you can unsubscribe at any time.

or you can use one of the many illegal download links that you will find just by searching google.


dubstep ambigram wallpaper (full hd)

dubstep ambigram wallpaper

so i just found this cool full hd wallpaper on reddit. this was created by mistatoast. if you are a redditor please be kind and leave him an upvote.

click here for a 1440*900 version.

edit: the ambigram was in fact created by gareth crawford. check out his webpages! 

… and facebook pages! there you can see some of the awesome t-shirts he creates in action.

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