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dubsilo birthday compilation

yo everyone!

i know that dubsilo’s birthday was already some time ago but i finally found the time to listen through the load of my new dubstep downloads.

there i found the dubsilo’s 1st birthday compilation which is absolutely free for you to download.

it features massive tunes like

  • document one – erectosub vip
  • mister six – tilted
  • lonestar – kenji clan
  • versa – lucid
  • radiex – hobgoblin
  • statelapse – regurgitate
  • demon – critically positive
  • davr – mischevious being
  • stinkahbell – cctv

…just to name a few.

so go check it out over @ dubsilo

doctor p – watch out

again, this is an unreleased tune and only a preview clip but it is absolutely addictive. to say it with the words of doctor p: ‎’Watch Out’ for this one (hahahahahahahah)

for the short (not extended) version check this link out:

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