happy new year with dj sashwat

dj sashwat composed a compilation of the finest of dubstep. now he is giving it away for free here. if you don’t feel like downloading 415 megabytes in one whole package you can also preview (rather prelisten) and download each track individually.

go check it out @ http://djsashwat.bandcamp.com/

p.s.: you have to enter your e-mail address to authorize yourself for the download with which you’ll subscribe to the dj sashwat newsletter. if you don’t like newsletters and shit, hit the mirror page @ dubsilo but note that you can unsubscribe from sashwat’s newsletter at any time.

p.p.s.: also note that the free compilation contains the nutcracker christmas dubstep remix from last post.

edit: check out sashwat’s clarifications in the comments. he promises to never send you junk mail 😉 also, subscribed and i can confirm that he didn’t send any spam 😉 yet

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I'm a student of computer science, singer and DJ in Mönchengladbach, Germany. I enjoy technology and electronic music. Check out my blogs. View all posts by mblmg

2 responses to “happy new year with dj sashwat

  • Sashwat

    Thanks for the post!!! Much love and the support is much appreciated 🙂

  • Sashwat

    Oh, and I should probably mention that I will not send out junk mail or spam to those who subscribe to my newsletter and YES, you can unsubscribe at any time. Those on my newsletter will receive Free Exclusive tracks & EP downloads and will be notified of future releases that Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz releases… we won’t send out any e-mails, however, without giving you some free music — so be sure to download through the bandcamp website if you like quality tunes for free 🙂 Cheers folks!

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