die antwoord – dis iz why i’m hot (macrothyst remix)

not just another remix of this track. macrothyst takes die antwoord’s unique rap flow and translates it to fluent basslines and headnodding rhythm. check this one out and download for free if you like it.

bowsar – prophecy

another bowsar freebie. just roll with it 😉

art1fact – disconnected

really interesting sound design and production style. not something you hear every day.

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bowsar, dementia, release – cloud kingdom

bowsar has blessed us once again with a free tune. enjoy the techyness and don’t forget to download for free!

muzzy – spectrum

if pendulum won’t make any new tracks others will just make new pendulum tracks.

mix of the month: ヤマラ – deep neurofunk dnb mix

this is one of the best mixes i’ve ever heard. alien noises and snares that’ll crack your skull. superb sound selection!

command strange & alibi – skyline

we have a roller here!

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